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About Im Eimer

Im Eimer (in the bucket) restaurant is a unique place not only for its quality food and entertainment but also for its collection of small antiques collected over the years - items used many years ago and now no longer in use, that is to say the items are "im eimer" - they are kaput, cannot be restored and there is no further use for them accept as collectable show pieces of days gone by.

The Im Eimer logo is more than a 100 years old and the actual bucket was used to dig a well on Auas Sued in South West Africa near Bethanien during the year 1894.


The bucket is handmade and has a removable bottom to make it easier to empty and clean and the bucket was donated by Ernst and Heidi Grassop.

At some point in life one will say "it's im eimer" and that is why our decorations and atmosphere, food and wine is a result of lives that have lived, dreams dreamt, risks taken and friendship persisting.

At Im Eimer we dance as if nobody is watching and as if nobody is listening. We look at the old reminders hanging on the walls and it inspires us to wander and reflect through our memories.


So therefore all items im eimer have been given a new life.

We look forward to you joining us at "Im Eimer" and create a new meaning to life and friendships..

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